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    rukluk Guest

    Default New Z100G Router

    Hello to all... Not sure if this is the right place for this question, but here it is. I'm about a level 6 on a scale of 10 in terms of computer savvy.
    After using ZA happily for 2+ years on 3 PCs, I'm redoing my office and decided to buy a new Acer desktop with installed Vista Business (great deal from New Egg!) to use as my host computer and use the new ZA router to network it with 2 older Win XP desktops and an XP laptop. I know the ZA software for the XP PCs (updated vers. 7 all 3)isn't ready yet for Vista so I installed the new router on one of the XP PCs; the install went smoothly & now I can get both the host XP and the new Vista online at once; I'm waiting until later to add the other 2 XPs. So here's some questions:
    1. Will I have to wait until ZA software can handle Vista (no Betas for me) before the Vista PC can host the ZA Router network,or can I change to the Vista PC as host before ZA/Vista is ready and use another security product on the Vista PC until then? The ZA Router manual only mentions installs on XP systems. This Vista machine came with a Norton Sec. Suite 3 month trial, so I had to install it & hope ZA gets Vista-ready before it runs out. (I HATE Norton products, including this one, for many reasons.)

    2. If I'm having trouble getting peripherals like a printer to share on all networked machines, does it mean I have to install any related peripheral software on each individual box, or just need to re-read the Router manual (which BTW is as good as any computer manual I've seen) & keep trying?

    BTW, I have a theory about why Norton is ready and pre-installed on Vista machines months before ZA & others, thereby gaining a significant advantage in Vista security. Could it be that Norton & Microsoft did a deal way before now to allow Norton to see Vista in advance so their product would be ready 1st?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: New Z100G Router

    Hello rukluk, I'm a level 1 and a half in terms of computer savy, but I got the answer to one of your questions which will get your system running. For question #1 - the ZA router is Vista ready
    .<hr>Windows Vista is Microsoft s next operating system release.
    will deliver advanced security protection for Vista users.

    ZoneAlarm products currently available for Vista users: ZoneAlarm Secure Wireless Router, ZoneAlarm Identity Protection Center .<hr>But you'll have to use the pre-installed Norton Krapp. As to all your other questions - I'll lead you to good spot -
    . &gt;Look to the right of the link/page &gt; see - Related Links
    &gt; click on Z100G Secure Wireless Router Discussion Forum . It looks pretty nice in there. Ask your questions and your answers will be fulfilled.NaiveMelody NYC 4-7-07~3:25am e.s.t. - I.O.U. - Freeze

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