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Thread: Does the technical support by email exists? NO

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    ccrespo Guest

    Default Re: Does the technical support by email exists?

    Probably because the problem is on ZA side, not in our and yours
    ISP.Most likely
    ZA is using different systems to process case requests and renewals.
    An example:In 26th February i renewed my ZA subscription, using my standard email.Minutes later i received a confirmation email from **bleep** - no problem!Then i found a problem with my renewal, and just a few minutes after receive the confirmation email, is used the support form to open a case.I used my SN, my order number and my standard email (the same that i used from the last
    years, and the one that i used to register ZA).I never received any case request confirmation.When after several attempts, i used a yahoo email to open a case, i received a email from seconds after i created the case!
    And by the way both ISP (i tried with 2 different emails on different ISP) had stated that they don't block any emails unless solicited by their customer (not case) and in particular they assure me that they don't block email from - and since i received the renewal email, i had to believe them.
    Update: The forum system has replaced the email address that ZA uses for sending the subscription email. I don't want to be unpolite, so let's say that it is on the same domain of the email sent for the support case!

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    New Update: I just checked my Yahoo account: ZA support has emailed me again, and the problem is solved two days after the case was open (it was a refund, not a technical issue, but this 2 day time frame is acceptable, so on this question i am satisfied.). Anyway after that i did renewed 2 licenses of ZA Suite, and got the renewal email on my standard account minutes after renewal...

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    borba Guest

    Default Re: Does the technical support by email exists?

    After a month trying and waiting finally the Technical Support answer my questions, they solve some of them and others not, but they answer to me.

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