Hi, I hope someone can help with this, I was a bit unhappy with some things with version 6.5 but this is ridiculous.

I installed version 7 of the Internet Security Suite a few days ago. I won't even go into how much of a headache that was including where it made my Anonymizer not even open and I had to do system restore and on and on.

But anyway, if I shut down something like my email program or Anonymizer or some other programs (I haven't kept a list) because I just don't want to use that program right then, all of a sudden Zone Alarm starts using 90+ to 100% of my CPU.

And I am talking when I am just shutting down a program that is functioning just fine as it always has, and shutting it down normally, not through the Task Manager.

The two processes that eat up my computer are vsmon.exe and zlclient.exe and they both bounce around with one using let's say 51% and the other 49%.

It is destroying my ability to work.

I am very familiar with this computer and for the most part I never have any trouble.

I have 1.5 gigs of memory.

Pentium 4 running at 2.8 GHZ

XP home edition.

About 50 gigs of hard drive free, and it is defragmented.

I only have running what must run, right now there are only 27 processes running.

I do not have any other anti virus or anti spyware or anything running that would conflict.

I do run Spybot as a scan once a week, but it is only for scans, it's not active and I see no conflict there.

Windows firewall is off.

I believe the times it has been worst are when I shut off something, but I could be mistaken, it might have happened, or at least it might have chewed up a bunch of my resources without it being when I shut something down.

And you can't even disable the two processes through Task manager, and I know someone would say it's because it's a firewall and something malicious might try to turn it off, but I want to be able to shut things off there, that's why it's there, This last time I sat and sat and sat here and it wouldn't even let me go into standby or restart (which was a last resort, but I am not going to sit here for hours hoping it fixes itself.

I did a search and I see lots and lots of complaints of this going back to 2002.

Any idea what's happening with this?

And yes I have updated and run the virus and spy scans.

Oh, one other thing, should there be the vsmon.exe and zlclient.exe and two(2) ScanningProcess.exe processes? one is using 21,428K of memory, the other 21,420K of memory vsmon.exe is using 35,268K and zlclient.exe is using 7,188K

Any help would be appreciated. Even if I should just go back to version 6.5


Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:7.0