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Thread: zone alarm multiple problems pleas help

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    wabbas Guest

    Default zone alarm multiple problems pleas help

    I installed this thing. It works fine sometimes but
    1) I am unable to download automatic updates for windows, my hp web and many others ..
    2) even to access this ite i have to disable zone alarm, otherwise i would not let me use this forum
    3) I use a program called MIRC and zone lab does not allow me to conect. In program control i asked for full access to internet but i would not let it connect. and on top of that zone alarm thinks its a virus.
    Now i can guess why zone alarm is cheaper than norton. Anyone who can help me please untill I finish this pathetic year with zone alarm.
    Certainly would not recommend zone to anyone I care about.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: zone alarm multiple problems pleas help

    1- see Helpful Hints & Links -
    . For program &quot;Automatic Updates&quot; = wuauclt.exe - Three green bars- super trust level &gt; Access - two green checks &gt; the rest - ? /// do the same for &quot;windows genuine advantage&quot;= WgaTray.exe /// &quot;Verify Class ID&quot; = verclsid.exe /// Internet Explorer , Windows Explorer<hr>2- from Helpful Hints &amp; Links - on the top of main board -

    Some users may have their ZoneAlarm Pro privacy settings adjusted so as to block their access to this Forum. In these cases, simply open ZoneAlarm Pro to Privacy -&gt; Sites tab. Manually add the site to the list, and save. Allow 3rd party cookies, and you should be able
    to access the Forum now. (3rd party cookies are required due to our use of a host ( and several domain names for the Forum).

    Also, in Internet Explorer, if you have raised the Internet Zone to High setting, you will need to add &quot;; to the Trusted Zone in IE, and make sure that IE's Trusted Zone is set to Medium or Low. If you have any other programs possibly blocking cookies, disable those for this site as well if you rae having access problems.

    Forum-Moderator <hr>3- see this post - read his last few sentences - he found the solution -
    .<hr>For additional info. of solutions/explanations to your problems, you can use the User Guide in your ZA - open ZA &gt; see top right &gt; see &quot;
    ? Help
    &quot; &gt; read up on &quot;Privacy Protection&quot;, &quot;Program Control&quot;
    and &quot;Instant Messaging&quot; for your mIRC, and other problems. Also check out &quot;Troubleshooting&quot; chapter. :8}NaiveMelody NYC 5-2-07~2:30am e.s.t. - Carry on/ Questions - Crosby, Stills &amp; Nash

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