I have 4 home computers, all running XP Pro SP2 with ZAISS 7.0.377.
I ran the following command on each of my 4 computers: chkdsk c:
In all 4 cases there were index and bitmap problems that chkdsk reported and fixed.

I then disabled ZAISS 7 auto load at startup, and rebooted.
I ran chkdsk c:, no problems. Rebooted again, ran chkdsk c:, no problems.
Then I turned on ZAISS 7 to load at startup, rebooted, and ran chkdsk c: and sure enough,
chkdsk reported index and bitmap corruption. This happened on all of my 4 home computers.

I would appreciate it if anyone else can try this experiment.
I also have the ZAISS 7 privacy cache cleaner set to run every day, which cleans out the temp folder.
I wonder if the problem might be that ZAISS 7's cache cleaner is cleaning out the Windows
temp folder everyday at startup, and this deletion of temporary files during startup might be
causing the chkdsk index and bitmap errors in the NTFS file system.

If anyone could run chkdsk c: and report back if they have index or bitmap errors,
it would be very helpful.



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Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
Software Version:7.0