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Thread: Feature Request for Privacy Screen

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    skeezix Guest

    Default Feature Request for Privacy Screen

    Don't know where to send this, maybe somebody can forward it to ZA for me?
    In the Privacy screen, the field to the right of the Private Headers is empty. Sure would be nice if a user could enter a bit of text there to remind him what that entry means (for some other user info).
    Same comment about the Firewall Zones tab and the Program Control Programs tab.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:6.5

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    Default Re: Feature Request for Privacy Screen


    Private Headers is the correct term for referer (or referrer).



    Popup Ad Blocking and banner ads and Web banners:


    Embedded Objects:





    Mime-type integrated objects:

    Private header:

    My favorite for information about cookies, java, javascripts, hijacks, activeX, spoofs, users concerns about hackers and general internet security is this one>

    It is long, but it does cover any question(s) that any user may have.

    Also check out>

    Best regards.

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Feature Request for Privacy Screen

    We understand the question differently, not that your list of information is not valuable, because it's the best ...

    I think skeezix wants a simple thing - to be able to annotate what the entries are. If you think about, say several M$ update programs that might need tweaking, it sure would help to have NOTES and even be able to sort on them and quickly know which belong to M$ update. Who the heck knows what generic host process is - it would be nice to have in NOTES something saying svchost. Yes it's in the properties, but that's clicks away.

    If my reading of your question correct, suggest to Tech support

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    Default Re: Feature Request for Privacy Screen

    Yes that would be nice for many users, but the ZA is a firewall and not a specific process manager. yes this is the wrong answer, but I would not want a firewall with tons of details about everything. Because it would be just too much to handle- after a couple of hundred thousand software are loaded in the users PC the amount of info would be staggering and they change often enough to make the work even harder to keep up. A big undertaking.

    The best answer I can give for description and info about proceeses is the Process Explorer from microsoft. It is free, has lots of info and has the google search engine for lookups about details built in the toolbar of the application. It is like a Task Manager, but more detailed.

    Then there is the Process Monitor which has the previous tow applications rolled into one:

    As for updates program tweaks, like what? Set the Program Control to medium and do the updating. The ZA should see the processes and do the asks and allow as done by the user. Onec that is done, the setup is usually complete- user just makes sure everything is properly done as it was allowed in the alerts or changes it and removes them to enhance security. Annotating everything could just lead to problems and would not be easy to do or work with.

    Svchost.exe: process of the Windows OS that covers the direct connections of the OS to the networks, both internet and intranet, and works within the OS and the supported software/hardware. UPnP, time service, SSDP, DNS Client, fast users, and numerous other services need the svchost to function and perform. It works within the OS and goes out wards. It is just one executible, yet appears in thir or so different variations. A neccessary part of windows, yet one of the most vulnerable components and is a security risk. The list could go on.

    As for firewalls, the opening of ports to the Internet is not good and the opening of ports to the Trusted Zone is okay. So when the Internet server is allowed, then there is a risk. When the server for the Trusted Zone is allowed the risks are minimal. This is a general rule for users to follow.

    The other advice I can give: if something came with windows and is okay in the first place (such as AV, FW, browser, email clients, IM, games, etc), then they are safe in the first place and the concerns about security is minimal.

    Best regards.

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