My two cents ....
I have been using ZoneAlarm Pro for years.
It has always
done what it advertises - protect my pc from viruses/trojans
and malware. I have never had any issues with any version
of ZoneAlarm, less the occasional VSMON running amock.
I used to use Norton.
Norton also performed as advertised.
However, Norton over time became such a large and cumbersome package
which ate up so much of my system resources that I jumped ship.
I downloaded and installed ZoneAlarm 7 the other day.
The first
thing that I noticed is the the physical install file is about
30% larger than the lastest 6.5 version.
After the clean install
and reboot I noticed that there were two new processes running
on the system.
These processes are "ScanningProcess.exe" and
used about 20 meg of physical ram each.
So at boot, ZoneAlarm
is now the single largest user of system resources.
Does ZoneAlarm 7 protect my pc better than version 6? Probably
not - so why reinvent the wheel.
I am not quite ready to call
the ZoneAlarm 7 "bloatware". If too many more "improvements"
are made it may well earn that distinction.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:7.0