I have been a user of Zone Alarm pro for the past five years if not longer and until version 7 I have always trusted it to do the job it was supposed to do. Not anymore. Since upgrading to Version 7 I have had nothing but problems, including PC freezing, causing delay when I start-up the PC or when I shutdown the PC, failure to remember programmes I have already given permission to and much more. However the most worrying has been the constant shutdown of True Vector, which occurs between 6 and 8 times daily and the constant rebooting that this entails. Further what is most disappointing is that Zone Alarm despite being aware of the problem, how can they not be given the amount of complaints on this forum, has done nothing to rectify the situation. Instead people who use the free version and raise concern about it are insulted and told how lucky they are. Well I would not advice anyone to buy the paid for version because it is just as bad and in my opinion worse because it is supposed to be the Number 1 firewall on the market. However I for one will not be updating my subscriptions when it runs out in 272 days time. In fact I have already uninstalled it from my PC and started using **bleep** instead. **bleep** may be free but it is in my humble opinion a far better firewall than Zone Alarm 7(free or Pro)is at present.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:7.0