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Thread: ZA causes system process to sit at 99%

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    wild_weasel Guest

    Default ZA causes system process to sit at 99%

    I've recently changed from Norton Security Suite 2007 to ZA Security Suite (7.0.337.000) and everything was going well.
    Machine was a lot more responsive then Norton, life was good.
    Then the autoupdate feature reported it was running and downloaded something, my machine then bombed and became very unresponsive, the system process in Task Manager was sat at 99% and blocking everything else.
    Uninstalled ZA and machine returned to normal.
    Re-installed and everything was fine until it did the upgrade again, then system returned to 99%.
    I have re-installed for the 3rd time and this time turned off the automatice checking for updates, not happy with this.
    Anybody got any ideas why this is happening?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZA causes system process to sit at 99%

    Few questions: did you use the Norton Removal Tool on the very common Norton security before installing ZA? See -
    Do you have other security software that can conflict with ZA - Webroot SpySweeper, PCTools SpywareDoctor, system mechanics, windows defender, spybot -tea timer, etc.?? Sometimes, some ISP's will offer free firewalls or anti-virus when you sign up, these will conflict with ZA.<hr>When you got the high cpu and you looked at the task manager which file/program was running that high?? vsmon.exe, svchost.exe, etc.? Other things you can do, check past posts with similar problems/issues - use red search box at the bottom of page.<hr>
    NaiveMelody NYC 5-13-07 - Set if off - Strafe

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    wild_weasel Guest

    Default Re: ZA causes system process to sit at 99%

    Thanks for the response.

    I did use the Norton tool when I uninstalled NIS.
    Had experience of it before when NIS caused boot issues.
    I believe I have narrowed the problem down to an issue with ZoneAlarms and Windows Media Player 11.
    Still investigating but that is the major application running when I get the issue.
    It seems strange that the issue is resolved by removing ZoneAlarms.
    Currently monitoring usage of files and checking for duplicated files.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZA causes system process to sit at 99%

    If it's narrowed to Media player, a few thoughts I may add- there is a &quot;online store&quot; panel on the extreme right top - this has about two to three dozen media software companies &quot;vying&quot; for your attention/$ . &quot;When&quot; I
    open up and allow my media player 10 to access the internet, &quot;Napster&quot; shows it's self there and the other media 'junk' companies are secretly updating their offerings and &quot;sending out info. about you= (what you download, music, video choices,etc.) tracking and profiling you&quot;. It's a very sad story, Microsoft has opened a 'bloat -load'
    open-door policy to your pc thru your mediaplayer.
    What I do - is when I'm not using the media player - I
    deny it access, to the internet - no &quot;Napster&quot; in my face; no three dozen media 'junk' companies to bother me and my pc.
    So as per your original issue, there may something in perhaps the Kaspersky av or privacy protection features that didn't like something in one of those 'junk' media companies in the media player. Other thing to do, check with Microsoft,
    media player knowledge base or forums to see if others has a similar problem. Oh, of course when you do need to use your media player give it two green checks in Access, and then even one green check for Server - trust, the rest
    &quot; ? &quot;. Reduce privileges after use. NaiveMelody NYC 5-14-07~4:35pm e.s.t. - The boys of summer - Don Henley

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    wild_weasel Guest

    Default Re: ZA causes system process to sit at 99%

    Well I thought it was Media Player causing the issue, but that turns out to be a red herring.
    Problem is with ZoneAlarms.
    Just after a reboot and as ZA is loading the system goes slow and system jumps to 99%.
    The ZA icon in the task bar takes ages to come up.

    If I then reboot into safe mode and uninstall ZA everything is OK.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZA causes system process to sit at 99%

    Thanks to Guru Fax for the following -
    .<hr>You could have a conflict with your existing software. What do you have running at startup?? Which security, registry tools are you using?Note for example that ZASS and its KAV engine
    may not be compatible with SpySweeper,Spyware doctor, system mechanics, norton, logitech webcam software, mcafee, trojan hunter guard and many other security tools. Please remove any security tool you have installed and install back only when you see that ZASS is working as it should.
    To isolate a potential software conflict, try the following:
    1.) Click Start -&gt; Run
    2.) Type MSConfig in the run box and click OK
    3.) Once in MSConfig, click the Startup Tab
    4.) Remove the checks from everything except ZLClient
    5.) Click the Services Tab
    6.) Place a check in &quot;Hide All Microsoft Services&quot;
    7.) Now remove checks from everything other than TrueVector Internet
    Monitor, and click OK.
    8.) Restart your computer.
    Do you still experience the hogging?
    Also try to
    disable unnecessary services running at startup:
    if all the above fails, and you experience the hogging even if you run ZA isolated from third party software other than your OS services/programs, it is probably
    a ZA database
    corruption, please reset it (you will loose all your ZA
    setting) .
    Follow this instruction:
    Fax<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 5-17-07 - Grazing in the Grass - The Friends of Distinction

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