Hey sorry I wasnt sure where to post this. I've been having a problem for some time now. Basically I lost access to my online games Star Wars Galaxies & Vanguard both by SOE around the time my zonealarm updated.

I find that when I log I cannot get past the games launchpad. It runs the check and starts to download patches etc. then says "download complete" but there is no "play" button to get into the game. On doing a fullscan it says "please download file again."

This is the same for both games although originally it was only happening with SWG.

Thinking it might be zonealarm I tried with that switched off, and then removed it from the computer completely, both to no avail. Both games are ticked in the Zonealarm program control.

My next step was to do a full reinstall of the games and after 8 hours of patch downloads I ended up in the same position.
I've been on the SOE tech support and forums and they suggest there may be a zonealarm file that may be corrupt blocking my downloads. Why this hasnt removed with uninstall I do not know.

I'm running on a 6month old high spec Alienware computer running Windows XP with Zonealarm Security Suite. All other programs are working fine. The only thing I've yet to try is a full reformat which I'm hoping to avoid!

If anyone can shed some light on this please advise? I live in UK so phone tech support isn't an option and live support always seems to be down/busy.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite