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Can someone tell me why should vsmon.exe get to hog more than 350MB of memory? I've used Zonealarm for many years and the current version (5.5) has been stable until recently. Shutting down ZA and restarting it gets vsmon to clear the memory but if I let it run for a day or so I lose 300+ MB

There hasn't been any changes to my PC in the past few weeks other than updating Everquest game and updating Windows. I also had to replaced a fried hard drive (drive E, not used for boot disk, page file, or apps just for storing videos)

2.6GHz P4
DSL internet
ZA is the only firewall. XP firewall is disabled, router's hardware firewall is also disabled
AV and email monitoring are disabled as I have AV program that handles those.
3 hard drives totaling almost 1TB

I also have another computer with only 1GB RAM and slower CPU but runs same programs (Everquest, ZA Pro 5.5, utorrent, etc) and vsmon never got past 50mb after a few days of non stop running.

I thought about replacing ZA but I can't find the current ZA install disk I had, only found an old 3.0 install disk that doesn't work with XP at all. From the posts I've read, the current available version 7 is somewhat bad so I don't want to go with version 7 yet.

Any suggestion? Or maybe a link to final ZA 6 somewhere that I could use? I can live without the PRO version as many of the features is not needed anymore. Originally my main PC was the internet gateway when the DSL modem had only 1 port and free version of ZA doesn't handle multiple domains for home networking with ICS. Now my DSL router has 4 ports and wireless support, my PC is not set ICS anymore so free version should be fine.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:5.x