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Thread: how to open specific ports in Zone Alarm Firewall Settings?

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    malvinaldine Guest

    Default how to open specific ports in Zone Alarm Firewall Settings?

    Hi there,I am trying to open a TCP and UDP ports to allow a downloading program to work properly, in Firewall settings, I can set up an expert rule but I cant see where I can enter these 2 ports numbers to register them so the firewall allow them accessthank you for your help

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: how to open specific ports in Zone Alarm Firewall Settings?

    Dear malvinaldine:

    I responded to your other post under Configuration but if this is related, and you are talking about a single program, then disregard my other post as you can create a program expert firewall rule. Click the Program Control panel, Programs tab, right click the entry where your program is listed, click Options, then click the Expert Rules tab. It works just like the expert rules created in the Expert tab of the Firewall panel, but these rules apply only to that program and not globally.

    When you click Add, and bring up the Add Rule dialog box, the Protocol section is where you can add custom ports for your program. In Destination Port, and/or Source Port, select Other, then type the custom port number over the highlighted Any to the right of it. Specify the Protocol, enter a Description, and click OK. Fill out the Source, Destination, and Time(optional)fields, then click OK. Don't forget to click Apply in the lower right.

    Hope this helps.


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