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    piledrivers Guest

    Default Windows Vista Home Premium

    My ZoneAlarm Pro expires in 16 days and I've been invited to renew. It's at present on PC with Windows XP SP2, but in next week or so am installing a new PC with Windows Vista Home Premium. On renewal page it gives Platform as XP. How do I download product for use on my new computer and will it work with Vista?

    Operating System:Windows Vista
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:7.0

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Windows Vista Home Premium - Vista is Here! - Updated 6-17-07

    ZA Vista is here!!

    Things to do before Upgrading to VISTA and ZA for Vista...

    [thanks to Guru GeorgeV for the following + minor edits N.M. ]<hr>Several things you MUST do Before you install MS Vista..
    1.) Make a Current Clone or Image Backup of your Current Stable WinXP Setup..
    either to a second HD, External USB-2 HD or to CD/DVD's.. (so you have a way to Recover, just in case you screw things up..)
    It would also be a Good Idea when you have installed MS Vista and have a Stable setup under Vista to make another Backup or Clone of the Vista Setup just to be on the safe side, before adding any new programs to Vista..
    2.) Download and Run Microsoft's Vista Compatibility Analyzer, and Update or Delete any software that is not compatible with Vista, before installing VISTA..;mg_id=20409b
    3.) All Versions of Zone Alarm, Other than the
    New ZA
    7.1 Vista Versions released June 14, 2007;
    are NOT compatible with VISTA and MUST be Uninstalled with the CLEAN Uninstall method before installing VISTA..
    If you have any version of Zone Alarm Installed BEFORE you install MS VISTA, you MUST Clean Uninstall Zone Alarm BEFORE you Install MS Vista..
    Here is the Instructions for Clean Uninstall of Zone Alarm..
    Then Clean out the Junk files, Recycle Bin and Cashe with the Free ccleaner.exe Program from the link below..
    Get the New ZA 7.1 Vista files here..

    4.) if you have any other Security programs Like NAV, or Norton Internet Security Suite, McAfee, or any other AV or Firewall programs, you need to uninstall them.. to be on the safe side..
    5.) if removing Any Symantec or Norton Programs.. ADD/Remove is not good enough, you must also go to Symantec Web site and download their &quot;Norton_Removal_Tool.exe&quot; to remove all traces of Symantec/Norton files that may conflict with the NEW ZA for Vista..
    Good Luck...<hr>Hello,
    7.1 wil be exclusive to Vista only.
    7.0 (XP/2000) will not have an update at this time. = This is applies to all current XP/2000 subscribers. Do not attempt to install 7.1 on your pc.

    Forum Moderator<hr>

    Free Windows Vista Upgrades

    Most PC security programs only offer free database updates.
    With ZoneAlarm, you ll also get FREE upgrades for 1 year from date of purchase, including Vista compatibility. So, even if you purchase ZoneAlarm today which works on Windows 2000/XP, you will get a free Vista upgrade when it is released as part of your 1 year upgrade program.<hr>Hello,
    When our Vista version is released it will only be available for the 32bit Vista OS only.
    We don't have any time frame if or when we will have a 64bit Vista version at this time.

    Forum Moderator
    - dated 4-23-07<hr>
    IMsecure and IMsecure Pro as standalone products are not going to be updated for Vista.
    Forum Moderator<hr>Download now and be the first to get ZoneAlarm 7.1
    protection on Vista!

    For Vista PCs only [currently no ZA Pro Vista version, ZA Anti-Spyware Vista version
    available; but will be introduced later]

    <ul>[*]ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite for Vista
    (requires valid license key after 15-day free trial)[*]ZoneAlarm Antivirus for Vista
    (requires valid license key after 15-day free trial)[*]ZoneAlarm for Vista
    (free firewall, no purchase necessary)[/list]
    Current subscribers, enter your valid ZoneAlarm license key during setup.

    To purchase new license key, click on Buy button during setup.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 6-17-07~8:57pm e.s.t. - Do You Believe In Magic - The Lovin' Spoonful

    Message Edited by NaiveMelody on 06-17-200706:00 PM

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