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Thread: "ignore always" for AV/spware items DOESN'T WORK...AGAIN!

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    tim_t Guest

    Default "ignore always" for AV/spware items DOESN'T WORK...AGAIN!

    I'm using Zone Alarm 7, with the most recent spyware/antivirus engine updates. Yet again, ZA keeps flagging an object I KNOW to be harmless as a virus and wants to repair/quarantine it (it's just a silly little IRC program, mirc.exe - the pros and cons of IRC programs are another issue, but other programs like AVG do NOT detect it as a virus). This is despite the fact that I have - on numerous occasions - asked ZA to "ignore always" this file. Also, this file is LISTED in the "Antivirus/Spyware>Exceptions>Virus Treatment Exceptions" window! Furthermore, the way it detects this "virus" is odd: if I run a complete system scan including the folder I KNOW the file to be located, it doesn't detect this "virus" at all. But quite spontaneously, it will open an alert window while I'm working, telling me about this exact same file - including file path - asking to repair/quarantine/delete it. If I try to repair the file I just get "error", and I'd rather not quarantine or delete it.

    When is ZoneLabs going to get this "ignore always" feature fixed? I've had this same problem (with other files) with OLDER editions of this program; they've had plenty of revisions to sort it by now! In my quite extensive experience using various editions of Zone Alarm, this feature has NEVER worked.


    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    gwtx Guest

    Default Re: "ignore always" for AV/spware items DOESN'T WORK...AGAIN!

    To the help guys, ditto, and why does some times work? I know it been added to the exception list.

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    Default Re: "ignore always" for AV/spware items DOESN'T WORK...AGAIN!

    Hi!please report the problem to ZA technical support: you can disable the detection of "not a virus" thread by unchecking "enable extended database" in the advanced options of the antivirus/antispyware tab.However, disabling the extended database will also disable the detection of adware and riskware in general (i.e. not a virus theads)Fax

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    gwtx Guest

    Default Re: "ignore always" for AV/spware items DOESN'T WORK...AGAIN!

    I did, but no response yet

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