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    I read all the info and guides, but i still cannot figure this out... Basically my problem is that I currently have v.6.5.737 of ZoneAlarm Pro firewall... when i try and update it doesn't seem to do anything... i got the link for the 7.0 branch, but when i download it and put my current serial number in it doesnt work. Yes im pretty sure its still active since i still had the install file for 6.5 and when i click upgrade to pro it allowed me too. If possible i would love some explanation on how i could update my current version to 7. I thank you in advance


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    Hi!Try to remove completely your current ZASS. See here (link below) how to do it: a registry/system cleaner. ccleaner is quite good utility ( Re-download the installer from here (and do NOT use any download managers): Install with default settings, do not alter them....Once rebooted manual update the antivirus/antispyware signature ('update now' under the antivirus/antispyware tab)After the update perform a full antivirus/antispyware scan.Cheers,Fax

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