Hi, I'm currently having a problem with zone alarm 6.0.631.002. The reason why I'm using this current version because I am trying to avoid a conflict problem with Gateway P3 751mhz and NOD32.Very long
Story: about 4 days ago I was using zone alarm 7.0 and very few problems with it. one day the ZA asked me to update it...... it was asking me every 4 hours a day last week to update, so I gave in and said screw it let it update.... tuesday morning my system is hitting 100% CPU Usage and when a program needs permission for internet or system resources (Files or Folders) -GLB40- temporary folder it locks up and forces me to reboot the PC. My PC can't take so much abuse with me having to a hard reboot and in the end cost me 2 sticks of RAM or 1 of my HDD's which I don't need dying.
So I reinstalled XP pro sp2
put in that zone alarm version as stated above. the problem I have with this is that when I install software it will go through and make it to the end however though it won't finish until I hit ctrl-alt-del and then zone alarm says the program is
making a dangerous behavoir movements example: monitoring what the user is doing and it will help the user access a certain feature or whatever and then it locks up I also noticed zone alarm is pointing to GLB40 temporary folder or other temporay folders whn setting up software.
Can anybody offer any help that would help me continue using this version
or use another 6.0 version of ZA
until ZoneAlarm crew fixes version 7.0 ? don't get me wrong I love zone alarm since version 5.0 and up along with a tag team NOD32 stopping trojans from getting important data.
Would it be good to setup my netgear wireless router firewall for my pc ? been trying to avoid it.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.0