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Thread: Does ZA 7 has Chinese Version?

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    clemond Guest

    Default Does ZA 7 has Chinese Version?

    This is not a tech-problem...but very important...
    A lot of people in China love your ZoneAlarm 7 Security Software.

    However the language is a big problem , which make them
    to give up, although they really don`t want to do so...
    And there is a lot of fans tried to hanzify this product. However , due to the Digital Signature Protection , they failed to hanzify the whole product.
    Some other people tried to translate the HELP CHM. but the progress is too slow... while a CHM cannot help all...
    So , here is the issue:
    Does ZoneLabs have a plan to carry out a Chinese version of ZoneAlarm 7?or there is already something?
    RegardsClemond & Lots of fans of ZoneAlarm in China.....

    Software Version:

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    Software Version:7.0

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    sjoeii Guest

    Default Re: Does ZA 7 has Chinese Version?

    Why not contact the Zonelabs support ? They can help you.

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    evensteven Guest

    Default Re: Does ZA 7 has Chinese Version?

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