I searched the forum but I didn't see anything close to my situation.

I use Mozilla 1.7.2 for email and browser, on English XP with
Japanese turned on, I had no problem until I discovered that one email address
I've been getting emails from suddenly stopped coming in as of May 25, 2007.
I talked to the sender and he said they were returned, errors were: connection timeout,
permanent fatal error, didn't really make sense since I'm getting other emails
and connection is fine.

We communicate in Japanese for my business, emails sometimes have attachments (excel,
pdf files). We've been using alternate email address since we couldn't figure out
why this was happening. I contacted my provider (charter.net) and found nothing wrong.
He contacted his internet provider (nifty.com) and was told that when the provider
tried to send me (charter.net) a test email, it also was returned, so they said it must
be on my side. He is also having no problem with any other email senders/recipients.

I checked Mozilla email filter and there was nothing blocked, or at least the junk mail log was
empty. I checked ZA junk email filter and there was nothing listed, blocked or allowed.
I didn't block any email ever, intentionally, at least. Is there anywhere else I can check?

I have a couple web-base email accounts, I can get his emails into those accounts. But
Japanese don't always show correctly in these web-base email, so that didn't work well.

I might have changed setting on parental control (I work at home) on ZA around the same time,
it gets turned on and off back and forth. That shouldn't matter to an email address, should it?
But that's the only thing I can think of, if ZA is blocking his email.

So I don't even know what to check. I guess it could be nifty.com, charter.net, mozilla,
ZA... I'm lost.
Could somebody please tell me how to fix this, it'll be greatly appreciated.


Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite