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Thread: An odd blockage

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    Default An odd blockage

    ...and not exactly the end of the world. The problem is an apparent incompatability between ZoneAlarm7 and one particular area of the PCgame SpellForce.
    I have been in JoWood forum, where I found several very dissatisfied people with the same 'hook process' problem.
    JoWood are
    unsympathetic as far as I can see. The problem only arises with the Shadow of the Phoenix add-on and patch 1.52a for SpellForce 1

    for those with ZoneAlarm7 (they only say ZoneAlarm7, not whether it is the home version or Pro or whatever).
    It did not happen with ZoneAlarm6.
    Perhaps this is not the right kind of question for this forum.....Are you aware of this problem? Are you able to identify what particular new feature in ZoneAlarm7 is upsetting SpellForce? Is there anything that can be done about it?
    I am not the only one who will be grateful for a clarification of this problem.

    Software Version:7.0

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    sagbag Guest

    Default Re: An odd blockage

    Sorry, a follow-up. I am not seriously expecting ZoneLabs to pull out the emergency ambulance service on this silly, but non-the-less irritating, problem. Particularly as no one seems to have identified where or how the problem arises. I understand that other angry SpellForce gamers have written to your customers services and hope for an answer. But answer to what for Pete's sake?
    I am not a HardCore gamer or a computer expert, but in my naive way I find this an interesting 'academic' problem, and am trying to pinpoint the patch which actually sparks it off.
    I am trying to get hold of the various patches for this game between the point where it is known there is no problem (patch1.38) and the patch (1.52) where the problem does exist. I hope to upgrade progressively from 1.38 to 1.52 and try to find out when the problems arises, in the hope that checking through the details of that patch will bring something to light.
    This is not your problem. I only mention it for information.
    However, I could use some information from you.-
    I have tried disconnecting from Internet and exiting both ZoneAlarm and my anti-virus. Still claims of a hook-process. So what, if anything, is ZoneAlarm still doing if it is switched off and the Internet is disconnected? What in these circumstances can the fool game be taking offence at?-
    I am not entirely sure what a hook-process is or at what point it occurs. Is it possible that it is something that occurs if ZoneAlarm is on when the game is installed? Should I disconnect from Internet while installing - but do they not use the internet connection during installation?
    Also it seems the problem does not only arrive if the game is installed while ZonaAlarm7 is in place, but also if the game
    was already installed when the ZoneAlarm upgrade was installed (perhaps I had better check that)........

    (I would put a 'confused' smiley here if I knew which one it was)

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    Default Re: An odd blockage

    Hi!please note that ZA staff does not monitor this board. We are all users here...To completely disable ZA, you will need to go to Overview ---> preferences --> uncheck "load ZA... at startup" ---> reboot and run ZA manually.Disabling ZA this way will:- Open your system to potential intrusion up to when ZA is loaded; - Make easier for malware to tamper ZA drivers and kill ZA related processes....Hope this helps.Cheers,Fax

    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    Default Re: An odd blockage

    Thanks. OK, I understand about the forum.
    I will try this, and make sure to disconnect Internet!

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