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Thread: True Vector monitor shutting down

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    zacat Guest

    Default True Vector monitor shutting down

    Twice in the last two days, True Vector monitor shuts down and causes my PC to completely freeze, requiring a hard shutdown.
    I haven't had a problem with this until yesterday.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: True Vector monitor shutting down

    Hi!were you using any particulr software at the time of the vsmon crash?Do you use P2P programs (e.g. bitorrent, emule, etc)?Have you experienced system hangs, cold shutdown of virus infections recently?Do you see a lot of *.tmp files in the "Internet Logs" folder (in main windows folder).If you still get them, you may need to reset your ZA database. See here:,Fax

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    zacat Guest

    Default Re: True Vector monitor shutting down

    No, I do not use any P2P programs.
    I was working on business documents today when it happened (Microsoft Excel and reviewing a pdf file).
    Yesterday when it happened, I was working in Quicken.
    I wasn't even visiting any websites when it happened.
    To my knowledge, there have been no virus infections, nor have there been any other system lags.
    I use the AV softare that is included in ZASS and enable automatic updates for ZA.
    I also use the antispyware program included in ZASS in addition to Microsoft Defender and Sybot.
    I also run my PC in limited user mode to reduce the possibility of malicious software being installed.

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    britneyluvr Guest

    Default Re: True Vector monitor shutting down

    Contact Tech Support at

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