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Thread: ZA firewall (free) version compatibility

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    tinkletoy Guest

    Default ZA firewall (free) version compatibility

    Have Windows Vista Home Premium Edition.
    Right now I am running PC-cillin 2007 Internet Security with their firewall on and also Windows firewall.
    However.Shields-up scan showed several open ports.
    I definitely don't have complete or near complete stealth.
    On my previous computer I had complete stealth with Zone Alarm Free version.
    If I install ZA Firewall free version what conflicts can I expect, if any.
    I realize that it might be difficult to get a definitive answer to above.
    Will be happy to furnish any other information that might be required.
    Thanks for any response.

    Operating System:
    Windows Vista Home Premium
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    tinkletoy Guest

    Default Re: ZA firewall (free) version compatibility

    Perhaps moderator could transfer this to a more appropriate forum?

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    Default Re: ZA firewall (free) version compatibility

    Hi!running two software firewall will create system instability and incompatibilities... and its normally a NO GO. Just run one... I would personally ask PC-cilling support why their firewall will not stealth your machine. Don't they have a forum?Also double check that the IP showed by shieldup test is the same as your IP (ipconfing /all command). The above, to be sure its not your router/modem answering the call but your system.If you want to install ZA, ensure you disable completely both PC-cilling firewall and MS firewall.I have no information about incompatibilities betweenZA firewall and PC-cilling....Cheers,Fax

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    tinkletoy Guest

    Default Re: ZA firewall (free) version compatibility

    My mistake, reran
    all ports scan and have several "closed" ports but no open ports.

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