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Thread: ZA won't allow web site PDF files to load

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    dstevewms Guest

    Default ZA won't allow web site PDF files to load

    I clicked on a hot link at a web site to have a PDF file displayed on my screen. I received a message there was a problem with Acrobat Reader and I didn't have permissions and Windows couldn't access the file path. I uninstalled and reinstalled Acrobat Reader and still had the same problem.
    Acrobat Reader has no problem
    loading or displaying
    PDF files already on my hard drive. When I shutdown ZoneAlarm Pro, I no longer had the problem. I've checked ZA Program Control for Acrobat Reader and the trust level is "Super" and there are green check-marks for both Trusted access and Internet access.
    Anyone have any thoughts on how to keep my firewall active and be able to display PDF files at web sites?

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:7.0

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    Default Re: ZA won't allow web site PDF files to load

    Do you have privacy turned on? I think you need to allow Mobile Code or something like that to allow the Adobe Reader to work inside the browser.

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    dstevewms Guest

    Default Re: ZA won't allow web site PDF files to load

    Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, I have Privacy turned on.
    I resolved the problem with the help of a ZoneAlarm Customer Care article ( One of the symptoms in the article matched my problem ("A program that was working, suddenly stopped working and wasn't upgraded.&quot.
    I followed the suggested solution in the article by booting into Safe Mode, deleting all .RDB, .LDB and .TMP files from the Internet Logs directory,
    emptying the Recycle Bin, and rebooting.
    This deleted all the program permission settings in ZoneAlarm.
    Problem resolved.

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