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Thread: Zone Alarm Pro and Firefox - Access to YouTube videos

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    layla Guest

    Default Zone Alarm Pro and Firefox - Access to YouTube videos

    When using Firefox and trying to access links to videos on, I'll click the link to the video, but when it loads, it loads it in HTML code.

    Now, I've tried a couple of different settings in Zone Alarm Pro, but found no difference. When I SHUT DOWN Zone Alarm Pro, there is no problem accessing the videos on You Tube. When I turn Zone Alarm Pro back ON, I get the above HTML code once again.

    Can anyone give me any ideas how to correct this problem? Thanks in advance for the replies.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
    Software Version:7.0

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Pro and Firefox - Access to YouTube videos

    For media players - use three green bars=super trust level > Access - two green checks > they need Server Access - two green checks , mail -? . Then for YouTube videos, MySpace, media players, on-line video gaming,
    and others -Need a little bit of tweaking in your Privacy section - use your ZA User Guide - right click ZA tray icon > click "Help" = this
    is your User Guide -see chapters on "Privacy protection" and " "Troubleshooting > Third-party software"
    - read thru - make adjustments. No need to shut off ZA, yes. Sometimes it's - the cookies, 3rd party cookies, sometimes the pop-up, ads, mobile code off, at the extreme shut off all 'privacy protection', sometimes - temporarily lowering the ZA Firewall > Main > Internet Zone Security from High to "Medium" = remember to get back to "high" afterwards. If you still need help with
    YouTube - use the red search box at the bottom of the page and search past posts about
    YouTube - it can be solved.<hr>Also check your pc for this - .<hr>From Guru Hoov's website -
    .<hr><div align="center">Privacy Settings

    Here is the front page of the privacy settings

    You can change some of the privacy settings just by clicking on one of the x's or one of the checkmark
    Then selecting either allow or block.

    Or you can right click on the site, and select options. Or click on the site and click the options button in the lower right corner.

    and then you get

    And on this page you can change the options to have to do with Cookies.
    Then if you click on the Ad Blocking tab you get this page

    Where you can make adjustments to the add blocking capabilities.
    Now click on the Mobile Code Control and you get

    Where you can change what kinds of scripts you want to block.
    And by adjusting the settings in this fashion, you are customizing the settings on a per site basis.

    But by far the best way of figuring out what you need to customize on what site is to turn the privacy advisor on.
    You do this in the cookie control settings page
    And to get there you go to the privacy section in ZoneAlarm and click the custom button in the cookie section

    Its at the bottom of the page.
    Once you check that and surf to a site you get this kind of popup

    And what you need to do is remember what it is telling you is being blocked,
    then you click where it says to and it will take you to the site that needs customizing, as well as highlighting it.

    Go ahead and make whatever changes you want. Then this Icon will appear in the Edited column.

    This happens no matter how you customize the settings on the site.

    Something else you need to know about the Site list is that there are a few ways to reset it.
    1. Reboot windows
    2. Turn ZoneAlarm off and then back on
    3. Turn the privacy settings off and then back on
    4. Crash your system (not suggested)
    Also on occasion the list will be reset totally after a crash, or other event that causes the settings database to be reset.
    If you decide that one of the sites on the list needs to go away, right click on it and select remove

    <hr>NaiveMelody NYC 6-22-07
    - Can You Rock It Like This - Run DMC

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    layla Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Pro and Firefox - Access to YouTube videos

    Hi, and thanks for the help!

    I found, after reading your post, that it's Zone Alarm Pro's &quot;Internet Security Zone.&quot; I had to LOWER it from HIGH to MEDIUM to be able to watch any youtube videos, or even get a link TO a youtube video to work.

    I don't care for the fact that I have to change my Security Settings from HIGH to MEDIUM in the Internet Security Zone. Surely, there's a better way? Please advise, and again, thanks for all the help.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Pro and Firefox - Access to YouTube videos

    You can try using the &quot;Privacy Advisor&quot; - then tweak, tweak -
    cookies, ads, pop-ups, headers, web bugs, etc. See -
    . You can right click ZA tray icon, see &quot;Help&quot; this is your User Guide - read entire chapter on &quot;Privacy Protection&quot; for procedures and explanations.<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 6-23-07 - Say It Right - Nelly Furtado

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