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Thread: Computer Reboots when AV is enabled

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    richardh Guest

    Default Computer Reboots when AV is enabled

    System is homebuilt using Intel mobo with core duo 6600 processor, intel raid 1config, Windows XP SP2.
    Became unstable when I successfully fixed IE7.
    After rebooting, ZA anti-virus is turned off.
    When I turn it on, the system reboots with ZA anti-virus off.
    Keeps repeating with no way to start anti-virus program.
    I had to use a restore point to set the system back to a point where IE7 is still slightly broken to fix the problem.
    Has anyone seen a link between IE7 or Windows XP, SP2 and this problem with the anti-virus startup causing a system reboot?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:5.x
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    richardh Guest

    Default Re: Computer Reboots when AV is enabled

    I did more research on this mattter.
    It seems that IE7 and ZA have some compatibity issues.
    Also, when Windows comes along and adds patches to Windows XP to fix some security flaw, it may also adversly compatibility.

    I removed IE7 and went back to IE6 and everthing seems to work perfectly.
    I also did a very deep and extensive scan of my memory modules to see if I had a hardware problem, which I did not.
    I would appreciate some comments from the Zone Labs Community
    regarding these issues.

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