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Thread: Computer freezes after last ZA update

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    saavik Guest

    Default Computer freezes after last ZA update

    I have ZA Security Suite (7.0.337.0).
    Until a recent update (not upgrade) it was working nicely, thank you.Now, after this update (which required a reboot), my computer freezes when it first starts. Sometimes it takes several hard-boot attempts; other times, I wait for 5-10 minutes (!!!) until the computer unfreezes.
    Anybody else experience this?Help would be most appreciated.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Software Version:7.0

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    franlaux Guest

    Default Re: Computer freezes after last ZA update

    I'm having what appears to be the same problem and I know it's a problem with the anti-virus portion of the Security Suite. Whenever I boot, my system freezes at the user account screen. This has happened on previous occasions, but I've always been able to resolve the issue with a clean uninstall and reinstall of ZA. This time, however, I have done a clean uninstall and reinstall until I'm blue in the face, but my system is DEAD! The only resolution I've found is to come up with anti-virus disabled. I've downloaded and installed AVG free anti-virus software and that's how I'm currently running. If there is no solution to this problem, I won't be using ZA when I switch to VISTA. I don't like paying for something that's unusuable. If someone has a solution for this, I'm all "ears".

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