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Thread: Weird issue with windows Vista update.

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    Default Weird issue with windows Vista update.

    I just did a windows update and it said that it had to download 13 meg of updates. This is normal and I gave it permission to do so. The weird thing though was ZoneAlarm showed absolutely no traffic going out or coming into my computer. There was no request for permission either. I have only just installed ZoneAlarm and I am still working through giving permission for programs to access the internet when they ask.

    It appears as though Windows update has by passed ZoneAlarm. I find this very worrying as if I remember rightly under XP, ZoneAlarm showed the traffic movement when I did updates from windows.

    Has anyone else experienced this or have an answer?

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    Default Re: Weird issue with windows Vista update.

    An update on Zonealarm showing downloading traffic. I am in the process at the moment of downloading Realplayer 11 beta and it seems as though Zonealarm does not show any traffic when you are downloading files.

    I find this very worrying as how do I know if a virus decides to download a program in the background without my knowledge. I thought Zonealarm showed all traffic going in or out of your computer.

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    Default Re: Weird issue with windows Vista update.

    Hi!Its normal and by design.ZA for VISTA will show traffic only the first time a program connects out within the session...However program control work as it should, you can test it by changing internet permission (from a green tick to a question mark).Unless you are still in AutoLearn (program control) then there will be no pop-up since ZA will auto allow all programs unless they are known to be bad (ZA central database).Cheers,Fax

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