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Thread: Zone Alarm Pro effective against Key Loggers?

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    maximvs Guest

    Default Zone Alarm Pro effective against Key Loggers?

    Hello All,
    I've been using the free firewall of zonealarm for quite a while now and have always liked it.
    My question has to do with key loggers.
    Does zonealarm pro have a search and destroy utility for key loggers?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Pro effective against Key Loggers?

    From a recent test review of ZA Suite - dated 1-25-07 -,1895,2087488,00.asp
    the following excerpts...<hr>&quot;Of course it's better to keep your computer squeaky-clean than to mop up after an invasion. I installed ZA on a clean system and tried installing 20 malware samples, including spyware, adware, Trojans, and even rogue antispyware products. The suite's multiple layers of defense proved almost invulnerable. As a first line of defense, its SiteBlocker feature denied access to the sites hosting half the samples. When I opened a folder containing already-downloaded samples, on-access protection quickly wiped out half of them. Of the rest, three were terminated without warning by the OSFirewall's Kill Control (introduced in version 6.5). One feature or another kept all but one of the twenty from installing, which is better than any other suite or standalone antispyware I've tested. It also tried to block all of eight commercial keylogger samples from installing and completely knocked out seven. The eighth kept monitoring clipboard contents, taking screenshots and so on, though it could no longer log keystrokes.&quot;...<hr>All of the paid versions of ZA will generally offer more advanced protection and features than the the Free version.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 7-6-07 - I'll Take You There - The Staple Singers

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Pro effective against Key Loggers?

    Dear maximvs:

    Firewalls like ZAPRO will detect and alert you of the keylogger's outbound traffic from your computer, provided you have it configured correctly. Commercial keyloggers should show up in Program Control, Programs tab(software).
    Hardware keyloggers will not show up as they are installed between the keyboard and the system unit of the PC(for wired keyboards). Remote administration trojans, aka RATs,
    usually have keylogging and stealth capabilities so they may not show up in Task Manager or Add or Remove Programs list. However, if you have Program Control set to Medium or High, you should receive an alert stating the program is trying to access the Internet or is acting as a server on the Internet. You can deny it access at that point. If it is listed in the Programs tab of the Program Control panel, you can kill the program before it is able to run.
    Locate the program, click in the column Trust Level for that entry, then click Kill. That puts a red circle with a diagonal line in the other 5 columns. That program will not be able to run. When that entry is highlighted, look below to find the filename. It will have the pathname to the executable file. You can then use Windows Explorer or some other file manager to find it and delete it, especially recommended if you did not install it or save it to your hard drive.

    Some antivirus and antispyware utilities will quarantine or delete keyloggers, depending upon how you have the program configured. Kaspersky Anti-Virus v.6.0 and
    B i t D e f e n d e r v.10 are 2 good commercial antivirus programs and SpySweeper v.5.5 and CounterSpy v.2.5 are 2 good commercial antispyware programs.

    Hope this helps.


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