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Thread: Is Zonealarm Protecting Me from ~~~~?

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    Default Is Zonealarm Protecting Me from ~~~~?

    Hello every body,I'm many times suffered from~~~ removedin my LAN.Recently, I found an option in Zonealarm (last version) this option "ARP protection"And recently I found that~~~ removedusing "ARP network scan".So, Is Zonealarm hiding me from this ARP Network Scan? so,~~~ removedcan't see me? so no one can use it against me?And, How is the function of "ARP protection" in ZA works?I'm in suffer from ~~~ removed , Please answer me.Thank you,

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    Hi!the best is to contact ZA technical support and ask directly to Otherwise try ZA yourself... and see if it block it. ARP poisoning is very difficult to block by any software. Instead of blocking the ARP poisoning you should block the user. In other words clean LAN PCs from not authorized software.Improved LAN control and restricted user permissions are far better strategy than adding up security software on your PC.I am removing the name of the software to avoid abuse of ARP poisoning on LAN. Please be aware that posting names of software can be agaist forum ToS and may be removed.Thank you for your understanding.Fax

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