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Thread: ZA blocking https websites

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    sig Guest

    Default ZA blocking https websites

    I have the latest Free ZA and since about a week or so back it is now blocking access to any secured https website. If I restart the PC everything works fine for about 30-60 minutes, after that I can no longer access https sites. If I turn ZA off all is back to normal. This is very annoying.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    sig Guest

    Default Re: ZA blocking https websites


    This problem is actually worse than I first expected, everything is being blocked (ftp and so on) except http.

    I can't continue restarting the PC every hour or so.

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    sig Guest

    Default Re: ZA blocking https websites

    Is there any form of support on this forum?

    I now need to look for some new firewall software. I have been a supporter of ZA for many years and now I get nothing back in the way of support.

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    sig Guest

    Default Re: ZA blocking https websites

    It's sad that no one cares about this product.
    I have been supporting it for four years now, and no one gives a **bleep**, so I'm off.

    Free means nothing when the software doesn't work and offers ZERO support.

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