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Thread: Zone Alarm Pro - Vista WHEN

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    vista_vista Guest

    Default Zone Alarm Pro - Vista WHEN

    Hi all,
    Can anyone tell me when I can expect a compatible Zone Alarm Pro to be released for Vista

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Pro - Vista WHEN

    Hello,We will have Vista versions of Pro and the Anti-spyware versions of our products out later this year.We are offering the upgrade to suite if your not able to wait.You can also contact customer service to request a key extension so that your not loosing any time on your Pro or AS subscription while you wait for us to get the Vista versions ready.Forum Moderator<HR>

    ZoneAlarm products currently available for Vista users: <UL><LI>ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite</LI><LI>ZoneAlarm Antivirus</LI><LI>FREE ZoneAlarm firewall</LI><LI>ZoneAlarm Secure Wireless Router</LI><LI>ZoneAlarm Identity Protection Center </LI>[/list]Current Subscriber of ZoneAlarm Pro(have the option to)-Upgrade to ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Vista 7.1 x for only---&gt;USD $19.95<HR>Current Subscriber ofZoneAlarm Antivirus (have the option to) - Upgrade to ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Vista 7.1x for only---&gt;USD $24.95<HR>Click here &gt;&gt;<HR>[currently no ZA Pro Vista version, ZA Anti-Spyware Vista versionavailable; but will be introduced later]<HR>NaiveMelody NYC7-14-07 - Come Go With Me - Expose'

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