I have had a problem the last few weeks of using firefox to go to cnn.com. Not every time but almost, when I would get there and part of the page would be covered with a gray area wanting me to put in info for I assume air tickets, or a larger gray area with for me to look up a lawyer in my area. I could go to cnn.com on internet explorer and never get this. I could go to my second computer setting right beside me, and firefox did not have any problems with cnn.com
I removed and reinstalled firefox many many times and went even back to older version and the problem was still there. I checked double checked zone alarm to see if it was set different on one computer than the other and it was not.
Today I decided for some reason, do not even remember why now, since that was a few hours ago to stop zone alarm and then go to cnn.com I found, that the first time I went there using firefoxt it would give me the gray areas, but if I went and closed firefox and restarted then went to cnn.com the gray window was gone. No matter how many times I started firefox and went to cnn no gray add window blocking my view of the page I have tested this over and over and over because I could not understand why turning off zone alarm would stop this add from covering the page. Once I was sure it was something with zone alarm I went to the good computer copied the system32 zone alarm folder and the program files zone alarm folder and replace the ones on the bad computer with them. Still the problem was there. Turn on zone alarm and firefox to cnn.com would bring up a gray window almost every time blocking part of the page. Turn off zone alarm and it might give me the gray window the first time but restart firefox and go to cnn.com again and the gray window would not be there. I even blocked the loopback in zone alarm; I went to the registry and looked at as many things with zone alarm and or firefox but found nothing. I turned off zone alarm and went to system32 folder and tried to replace the zone alarm dlls but it would not let me so I knew it could not be one of them.
Since it is now after three am I said as much as I like looking for something that is a puzzle I will reload zone alarm.

I went to the zone alarm uninstall and added the/clean and removed it and reinstalled the 337 version, which is the one I was on and the problem was gone.

This will drive me crazy, that I did not find what was causing this, but it is late. Maybe next week I will do a system restore back to a point when I had the problem and see if there is some place I did not check.

Well part of the mystery is solved I notice that on the reinstalled that the cookies and add blocker was turned off I turn them on and the problem was back. I then turn off the cookie control and the problem was still there. I then moved the add blocker to either the off or medium position and the problem did not come back. If I pushed the add blocker to high then it would come back. I then went to my other computer and found that the add blocker was off and as soon as I moved it to high which blocks the banners then cnn.com would not always but a lot of the time give me the gray windows blocking part of the page.

If someone out there has firefox try this for me and see I you get this problem. In zone alarm move the ad blocking to off and then go to cnn.com and see if on the left side you get a gray area that says search for a flight or search for a lawyer. You will have to hit the reload a few times since it does not always come up. I my case I hit it over 50 times with ad blocker off and it did not show up.

The push the ad blocker to high go back and restart firefox go to cnn.com and and hit the reload 20 or so times and see if you do not get, what I assume is a banner ad for search for a flight and or search for a lawyer. I get this on both my computer.

Mystery solve at least part of the way but I would thing zone alarm would block it at high not in the off position.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite