I have used ZoneAlarm for many years and was always happy with it, but the latest version (ZASS for Vista - v7.1) is just to problematic.
I am no longer using it.
I can only hope they get all the problems fixed soon.
I have paid for ZASS, and would like to use it, but it is just too much of a headache at this time.
Increased Windows bootup and shutdown times.
Sometimes taking 5 or more minutes.2.
ZA icon in the sytem tray is constantly in a state of updating itself.3.
problems installing applications and transferring files betweem computers, along with sluggish response times.4.
I found out that if you disable the VSMON and VSDATANT services (which can only be done in Safe Mode), ZASS
disables Windows Networking.
No messages, no info telling you it did this
...your Windows Networking just stops working,and won't work until you re-enable these serivces (!)
All I know is that with ZASS off of my PC, I have none of the above problems.
I am glad to see Checkpoint is asking people to fill out the surveys.
Obviously, many people are having the same or similar

Operating System:Windows Vista Ultimate
Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite