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Thread: RAXCO Perfect Disk Driver Conflict

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    clar Guest

    Default RAXCO Perfect Disk Driver Conflict

    Loaded the latest ZASS version ...362... and I should have known.
    More headaches and pains.
    Now, ZA loads a bit quicker...great! but takes nearly twenty minutes to shutdown.
    After hours of troubleshooting and reading this forum, I discovered how to treat ZA as a special program, meaning don't allow it to load at boot and close it down before shutting the machine down.The most damaging and irritating thing of all is that because of a serious driver conflict, RAXCO Perfect Disk 8 cannot perform an offline defrag.I have no satisfactory alternative but to revert back to a previuos version of ZA and continue to bear with the delayed bootup time.
    I seriuosly need to abandon Zone Labs' work!How will I ever know if ZA fixes the driver conflict, unless I come back to this site day in and day out?!!!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    clar Guest

    Default Re: RAXCO Perfect Disk Driver Conflict

    All right sports fans, and especially those using RAXCO's excellent Perfect Disk 8, I have news.
    After contacting ZA help and RAXCO, some developments have taken place.
    First, I went back to the 337 version and the problem of driver conflict, a known issue at Zone Labs and RAXCO, persisted.
    Keep in mind it was not there until after the 362 version upgrade.
    Zone Labs provided me with a detailed instruct on cleaning all ZA out of my machine, but something that the latest ZA version put on my machine did not come off it.RAXCO has instructions on how to work around this.
    It works but I went one step further.
    Here are the details of what I did.
    Do not know if it is repeatably successful.
    All is with regards to Windows XP hOme sp2, my machine.
    Don't know what will happen with yours.1. Right click on my computer
    2. Click on manage.
    3. Click device manager.
    4. Click view, then click show hidden devices.
    5. Click view again, then devices by connection.
    6. Here you can do two different things if you want:

    scroll down to srescan, right click on it and disable it.
    This will allow an offline defrag by allowing PD8 to sieze the drive and defrag at boot. It works for me.


    you are brave/wreckless like me, just uninstall that srescan device.
    I did and not only did the device appear to go away allowing PD 8 to do an offline defrag time and again, it came back anew and continues to no longer interfere with PD 8's offline defragging. I leave it enabled too.
    My machine would still take up to fifteen minutes or more to shut down so I close ZA before I shutdown my machine and it does so in a timely way.Finnaly, Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite shows "all systems functioning" so it looks fine to me.And that's my exeperience.It seems to me the software folks at either Zone Labs or RAXCO could write code to fix that interfering srescan device.

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    larryo Guest

    Default Re: RAXCO Perfect Disk Driver Conflict

    Had same problem and here is what I did.Uninstalled ZA (ran Reg Mechanic to clear registry)Ran PD 8 and optimized disks (to make sure ZA was problem, it was)Re-installed ZAIn ZA Program Control, Programs tab I gave full trusted access to the PDAgent and PDEngine modules.
    All is working as should for me now.
    Hope this helps someone elselarryo

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    doncatstl Guest

    Default Re: RAXCO Perfect Disk Driver Conflict

    Worked for me.
    I thought I had checked all the permissions, but hadn't.
    Knew it was the ZA Suite, since that was the last thing changed.
    Thanks for the tip.

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    lbinner Guest

    Default Re: RAXCO Perfect Disk Driver Conflict

    Confirm problem still exists with PerfectDisk 2008 and Zone Alarm Suite 7.0.470.

    Raxco refers problem to Zone Alarm - says that Zone Labs want to know about it.

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