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Thread: JAMMED UP! Freezing on alerts - prevents stopping ZA loading at startup

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    goon_heaven Guest

    Default JAMMED UP! Freezing on alerts - prevents stopping ZA loading at startup



    I appear to have got myself in a pickle.

    XP SP2, ZA Pro V7 something, ZA set to load at startup

    Current Symptoms:
    On startup, I get a red security alert for anything I try to run (including ZA Control Center). The alert does not respond to keystrokes - occassionally I get the ZA password window but the box is blank so unable to enter passwd.

    I am unable to go to the preferences tab on ZA Control Center to untick Load at Startup, because I get another of this hanging security alerts.

    Also unable to shutdown cleanly with these hanging alerts.

    Question 1: [FIXED: run msconfig, unchecked zclient on startup tab] What other methods are available to stop ZA loading at startup? {that will at least get me operational}

    Question 2: What steps can I take to get Zonealarm functioning without these hanging Security alerts? {so hopefully I can straighten the mess.

    Details of 1st ZA Security Alert - this occurs as soon as the ZA Control centre is displayed:
    Logitech Setpoint Event Manager(UNICODE) is trying to cummunicate with C:\Program Files\Zone Labs\Zone Alarm\Zlclient.exe by opening its process.
    Application: Setpoint.exe
    Smart Defense Adviser is not available for this alert type.
    Checkbox: Apply this setting to all suspicious behaviours exhibited by this application.
    Allow and Deny Button.
    Clicking Allow grays the button, but does not bring up the password window that normally gets displayed once. Process appears to hang.

    Some history:
    ZA appeared to get in knickers in a twist during my troublesome installation of a gigabit network card. For some reason, my CD player refused to read the installetion CD. Eventually copied CD onto a USB drive on another PC and used that to install the gigabit network card.

    The network card appears to be functioning happily now.

    I suspect somewhere in the process ZA detected a new network that was misbehaving. I recall being unable to/or missing add the new network into the trusted zone. I think I have ZA security adviser set. Unfortunately I cant to Firewall settings in the Control Center because of this hanging security alert.

    Help please.
    Thanks Steve

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro SP2, installed years

    Software Version:
    7.0, installed months
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Pro, installed months

    Network Cards: one of either:
    1) Netgear FA311v2: Installed months
    2) Ovislink Evo GE8169: Newly installed

    AV: Nod32: installed years

    Misc Items:
    Logitech MX Revolution, installed months
    Phillips USB Skype phone, installed months
    RME 96/8 soundcard, installed years

    Programs/services at Startup: all installed years/months
    MSSQL Server
    APC PowerChute
    Logitech Quickcam
    USB Phone Driver

    What other details might help to diagnose?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: JAMMED UP! Freezing on alerts - prevents stopping ZA loading at startup

    First thing - according to your pc set description - you have XP Pro, ZA Pro and software version 7.1 Vista &gt; but there is no ZA Pro Vista 7.1 ??<HR>A little more clarity - the exact details are needed of your pc set-up. Exact wording of ZA alert/code errors? How long have you had ZA product? New upgrade/installation? Details of network card? How was it installed - you or outside 'professional outfit'? More details of your set-up the better; other software/apps -especially other security software.<HR><HR>Hello,We will have Vista versions of Pro and the Anti-spyware versions of our products out later this year.We are offering the upgrade to suite if your not able to wait.You can also contact customer service to request a key extension so that your not loosing any time on your Pro or AS subscription while you wait for us to get the Vista versions ready. Forum Moderator<HR>

    ZoneAlarm products currently available for Vista users: <UL><LI>ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite</LI><LI>ZoneAlarm Antivirus</LI><LI>FREE ZoneAlarm firewall</LI><LI>ZoneAlarm Secure Wireless Router</LI><LI>ZoneAlarm Identity Protection Center </LI>[/list]Current Subscriber of ZoneAlarm Pro(have the option to)-Upgrade to ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Vista 7.1 x for only---&gt;USD $19.95<HR>Current Subscriber ofZoneAlarm Antivirus (have the option to) - Upgrade to ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Vista 7.1x for only---&gt;USD $24.95<HR>Click here &gt;&gt;<HR>[currently no ZA Pro Vista version, ZA Anti-Spyware Vista versionavailable; but will be introduced later]<HR>Hello,7.1 wil be exclusive to Vista only.7.0 (XP/2000) . = This is applies to all current XP/2000 subscribers. Do not attempt to install 7.1 on your XP/2000 pc .Forum Moderator<HR>In regards to versions available - currently there are two "seperate" lines of ZA products: the original -more popular XP/2000 pc line(that's what you have) is up-to-date with 7.0.337 / (7.0.362) . The new versions ONLY for Vista is 7.1 =exclusively. Even thou the number is higher, it is not "better", it is not an upgrade/improvement over the 7.0.337 that you and everybody else with XP pc's have. It's just two distinguishing call numbers, that's all, yes.<HR><HR>:0NaiveMelody NYC 7-28-07 - Fire In The Sky - Black Sabbath

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    goon_heaven Guest

    Default Re: JAMMED UP! Freezing on alerts - prevents stopping ZA loading at startup

    Sorry about the version mixup - I think I missed setting the combo items at the end of posting. I edited/corrected posting. Thanks Steve

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    goon_heaven Guest

    Default UPDATE

    I've stopped zonealarm starting up. See Note to Question1

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