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Thread: Zone Alarm "losing"rules definitions

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    zycran Guest

    Default Zone Alarm "losing"rules definitions

    Dear WATCHER:
    Your message of 07-01-2007
    quite revealing
    to me!
    Thank you.
    Since June 2005 I have been wondering why all of a sudden my XP Windows folder inceased in size fom about 5GB to 29GB over a period of one month.

    Looking back, this
    seems to have coincided with the installation of ZAPRO 5.5.
    Thanks to your information that the Internet Logs folder in Windows is actually a ZAPRO folder, I looked in it and found 16,805 temporary files of the type xDB*.tmp created in June of 2005 taking up over 27GB of valuable hard drive space.
    Can these old files be deleted without problems arising?
    How can one limit the amount of historical space that such files consume. I now have ZAPRO version 7.0.337 which performs very well.
    Would appreciate your opinion. Best regards. Zycran.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm "losing"rules definitions

    Dear zycran:

    You have me at a disadvantage as I don't recall the message but you're welcome.

    Yes, you can delete those .tmp files in C:\WINDOWS\
    Internet Logs, along with the BACKUP.RDB, IAMDB.RDB, and
    (computername).ldb. This is known as a database reset and will reconfigure any ZA version to its default settings.
    You will have to reconfigure it then.

    Here is a link to Checkpoint's article re this:

    Hope this helps.


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    zycran Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm "losing"rules definitions

    Dear WATCHER
    Thank you very much for your prompt response which is of great help.
    Best regardsZycran

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