Edit: I'm noticing the name of the other firewall I was asking about in comparison is "bleeped" -- hope I'm not stepping on any toes or breaking any rules by asking. If so, let me know and I'll delete the thread. Thanks!
I currently use ZA Free 7.0.302, but due to the size of it (since the Pro stuff is just turned off) and it possibly acting weird, I was going to use ZA Free 6.5.737 on my replacement laptop coming up instead.

**bleep** Free FirewallVersion 2.4 was also recommended to me, and it does look like it might be easier to use for a newbie and provide more information. But then I saw that it supposedly has a vulnerability that won't be fixed until the next version (if that even)...
Link: http://forums.**bleep**.com/leak_tes...-t11187.0.html
(I don't know what any of that means though...)

I am also considering buying the AVG Internet Security, which seems to include a Firewall. How does that one measure up?

This firewall stuff kind of makes my head spin since I'm no expert, but I'm trying to decide what I should go with between these three on my replacement laptop. Opinions with explanations understandable by a non-expert are appreciated!

I'll have Windows XP Pro, I use Firefox for all internet browsing (except for Windows Updates and the occasional Office Updates), and I have dial-up.

Some A/V, antispyware, etc. programs I plan on using are: SpyBot, Ad-Aware SE Free, AVG A/V Free, AVG Antispyware Free, and maybe **bleep** BOClean Anti-Malware Version 4.24 and SpywareBlaster.


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