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Thread: Zone alarm blocking programs

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    Default Zone alarm blocking programs

    Zone alarm seems to be blocking my programs after they get automatic updates even though they have been allowed access in the program control.

    It has just started happening in the last week or so and i now cant use mozilla firefox, netscape or Xfire.

    If i turn Zone alarm off i can use them so its a firewall issue any ideas would be appreciated before i slash my wrists.

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    Default Re: Zone alarm blocking programs

    The ZA databse has become corrupted. It is best to remove it and start completely fresh. Do this:

    Boot your computer into the Safe Mode

    Navigate to the c:\windows\internet logs folder

    Delete the backup.rdb and iamdb.rdb files in the folder

    Clean the Recycle Bin

    Reboot into the normal mode

    The Zone Alarm will be cleaned of all previous settings and data and it will appear as when it was first installed

    How to get in to the Safe Mode:

    After the reboot, set the Zone as Trusted.

    Let the ZA settle in and after a few minutes or some while, then do this:

    1. Go to Run type in command, hit OK, and type ipconfig /all then press enter. In the returned data list will be a line DNS and DHCP Servers with the IP address(s) listed out to the side
    2. In ZA on your machine on the Firewall>Zones tab click Add and then select IP Address. Make sure the Zone is set to Trusted
    3. Click OK and then Apply for each one.
    4. The loopback must be listed as Trusted. It has the address of
    5 The Generic Host Process or the svchost.exe listed in the Program list must have both Trusted and Internet access and it must have server rights for the Trusted Zone, but not the Internet Zone.

    Now reboot and see if the programs are working properly.


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