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Thread: Slow/hanging start up /shutdown

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    pestcontrol Guest

    Default Slow/hanging start up /shutdown

    Good evening from the UK
    I'm sorry to ask this question again - looking through the forum, I found someone who had asked the same question, but when I went
    to the link in the answer, it was deleted. I'd be very grateful for any help.
    I installed Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite 2007 on my laptop (Windows XP) yesterday. Since then, my start up hangs on the blue "Welcome" page. My technique is to just turn the computer on and off again until I get through to the desktop (not very sophisticated, I know). Eventually I get through, but after a long wait I have to "reactivate" ZA (tell it I'm on a trusted site - I'm routing my internet via my boyfriend's connection). Shut down is also slow and painful.
    After reading the advice on the forum, I have:Program control - changed from max to auto learn (is it safe to leave it like this permanently?)Privacy - all three buttons "off" (ditto?)Under "preferences",
    I tried unticking the "Load at startup" box- this speeded it up, but I got in a real mess trying to activate ZA once I was in
    Does anyone have any other suggestions? Sorry, it must be clear from this that I'm a complete noviceBest wishes

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    prof_fate Guest

    Default Re: Slow/hanging start up /shutdown

    Sound like you have a real Mess on your hands..
    you shut down the computer and hold in the Power Button to speed up the Shutdown..You risk corrupting your Index files and corrupting other Windows Utilities..
    I would recomend that You run ChkDsk after rebooting after shuting down with the Power button..
    it is normal for ZASS and Kaspersky to take a long time to Scan your files, until KAV has had a chance to do a full complete Scan,Plus the Learning mode can take up to a week to gather all the information that it needs.. after about a week you will get a popup message from ZASS
    Advising you that the Learning mode is complete and to set the slidder up to Medium or High..
    Here is a forum Link that explaing how to configure your Access on ZASS..
    Also, since it looks like you may have screwed up your ZASS install..
    If the Above asdvice don't help thry this..
    Here is my two cents worth after Clean Uninstall ZASS ..
    1. Download the new ZASS installer:
    2. Remove other security tools (even if disabled they can cause conflicts, e.g. Spyware doctor). You may want to install them after you ZASS works well and its able to update.3. Clean your registry/system. Ccleaner is an excellent utility for this. ( Backup your ZA settings
    (overview --> preferences)5. On your current ZA, Uncheck "Load ZA... at startup" (overview --> preferences)6. Reboot your system7. Install the new update (upgrade or clean).
    The above may only fail if you have conflicting security tools installed (e.g. Spyware Doctor. System Mechanics priot to 7.1.5),
    malware infections or messy OS
    And if ZA is acting weird (should not be the case).. just clean install and restore settings.

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    pestcontrol Guest

    Default Re: Slow/hanging start up /shutdown

    Thanks very much for this advice. I'll go through everything step by step tonight, fingers crossed.

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