I've just purchased Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite (3-user license) today (Aug. 11 2007).
We were running a free firewall program before and a spyware/adware really caused lots of problems.
So, I thought I would be smart and re-install Windows XP Pro with SP2 from scratch and purchase what I thought was the best Internet Security Suite available.
After installing all Windows updates, and device drivers I then installed my newly purchased Zone Alarm ISS v7.0.362.
As soon as I installed Zone Alarm I noticed that it took a full minute for the system to shutdown.
Windows will hang on shutdowns for 60 seconds...this hang
is also on restarts.
Also Windows will hang when resuming from Standby....again I have to wait a full minute for the computer to 'unhang' so that I can use it.

So, I quickly started looking at my new copy of ZoneAlarm ISS as the problem and sure enough this brand new software has a serious problem
Then I got onto these forums and noticed that many others were having this same problem.
The only solution I have seen to date is to turn of 'On Access Scanning' in the anti-virus portion of ZoneAlarm.
This of course leaves the computer wide open to ANY virus.
AMAZING....I can NOT beleive this.

A one minute hang caused by the software on shutdown and resuming standby is
NOT acceptable...please someone offer a solution that doesn't involve crippling the software by turning off antivirus on access scanning.
Any ideas?

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite