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Thread: Slow Windows XP Shutdown WORKAROUND

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    cwallen Guest

    Default Slow Windows XP Shutdown WORKAROUND

    I submit the following response from Zone Labs Technical Service as a work around solution to the version .363 issue where Windows XP takes longer to shutdown than paint does to dry on growing grass:
    "Thank you for contacting Zone Labs Technical Service.

    Please open up ZoneAlarm.
    Click on antivirus and then advanced.
    on access scanning and take the checkmark out.
    Now click okay and test."
    works like a charm.
    i have faith that Zone Labs will come up with a solution or go out of business trying.
    please do not delete this post.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    chatrage Guest

    Default Re: Slow Windows XP Shutdown WORKAROUND

    I subscribe to your second option "go out of business trying", or at the very least "loose thousands of customers who don't have a clue."

    "On access scanning provides virus protection by automatically scanning for viruses before you open, close, or execute a file."
    Did they really recommend turning this off? Before shutdown (how annoying) or full-time?
    Is it just me...I would think having this feature
    up and
    running is more advisable than
    partially disabling
    realtime virus protection...I know I know ...the boogeyman doesn't exist nicht war?
    There was another workaround posted explaining how turning off ZA at the tray icon before shutdown also avoids the 20min hangup.
    I inquired about this issue with ZA techhelp and they advised:
    1. Do clean install after first uninstalling to include digging into registry to remove some odd's/ends and also a cookbook list of do's/don'ts.

    a. I replied "this don't work duh."2. They then advised using 7.0.337.000 until things are "ironed out.".

    b. This leads to the question, "who's on first?"

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    cwallen Guest

    Default Re: Slow Windows XP Shutdown WORKAROUND

    have to say that this work around beats my own solution, which was to shut down Zone Alarm before I shut down Windows.
    I am not a guru.

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    cwallen Guest

    Default Re: Slow Windows XP Shutdown WORKAROUND

    test. ignore this message.

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    cwallen Guest

    Default Re: Slow Windows XP Shutdown WORKAROUND

    I'm sitting here in front of a machine that belongs to the State of Delaware, and their IS people have configured McAfee VirusScan Enterprise with On-Access Scan disabled.

    (Posted: Mar Tue 22nd 2005 5:40am)
    Apparently we
    get to choose between waiting for a
    real time, on access scan of every file, or actually getting some work done.
    I think it's a matter of
    developers saying "I think this is a great idea and
    I don't care how many CPU cycles
    it uses".
    If you know of another product
    that has an on access feature that doesn't eat the machine when it is enabled, maybe you could post it on this forum.

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    bro_rabih Guest

    Default Re: Slow Windows XP Shutdown WORKAROUND

    Hi,I have tried every anti virus, and every security suite out there, and I would never ever give up on Zone Alarm security suite, now on my hi spec laptop i faced this too long to shutdown problem with the latest ZA version, I am sure the engineers at ZA are working to fix this problem, for the meantime my solution for this Shutdown prtoblem, is to first disconnect all internet and all network connections, close all open windows, and right click on the ZA icon on the taskbar chose SHUTDOWN ZONEALARM SECURITY SUITE , and chose to restart or shutdown, this method is more conveniant than disabling the ON Access scanning, because at startup ZA launches normally and in full protection state.
    Hope this helps,Rabih

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    cwallen Guest

    Default Re: Slow Windows XP Shutdown WORKAROUND

    I like to turn my computer off with the off button.
    It's set up to shut down that way through the Power Management settings.
    While the steps you describe may work (I take your word for it), that's a lot more "work" than I care to be bothered with.
    I've downgraded to version 7.0.337.000.
    To each his/her own.

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