Hi. I just installed ZA. The ZA icon in the taskbar tray shows constantly fluxuating "in" Traffic all the time. When I open ZA, the top of that window verifies constantly fluxuating Traffic "in".
Just to the right of the "lock" on the header, a small icon is flashing. When I rest my mouse over that icon, it reads "Antivirus System Tray Tool". (I run Avira AntiVir.)
I can stop both of these by right-clicking the ZA taskbar icon and clicking "Stop all internet activity". When I uncheck it, I get the ZA message that my Virus Scheduler or Virus Control Center is trying to access the internet. When I click ALLOW, the Traffic begins again.
My question is, does anyone else use Avira AntiVir and why does it constantly access the internet? Isn't this eating up my bandwidth? Thanks for help.