We have been using
Zonealarm Internet Security for quite some time now on our 4 PCs. In March 2007
the prolongation was due. So we purchased 2 package for 2 users each, installed the keys and everything was ok (Product information displayed 365 days of service)
Now, early this week simultaniously on all 4 PCs the valis keys were gone!
On each PC now the old, invalid keys from the previous year
are shown under product information and I'm requested to purchase new Keys!!!
Unbelievable! Obviously the keys were deleted by Zonealarm (keep in mind, on all 4 PCs simultaniously).
Now, my problem is that looking for the new keys I didn't find them in my files. Then I saw that on the back of the Manual two keys were printed. In used them and the worked fine (now we are back to
365 days again). But as I didn't need two manauals for the same software, I throw away the othe manual so now I'm short 2 keys.Well, my mistake I didn't keep the manual of course - however the problem occured because of Zonealarm deleting my 4 valid keys without trace!!! The invoice/proof of record
for the 2 packages a 2 Users I still have, of course.
Talking to user support, they want me to purchase new keys - Thank you were much Zonelabs!
This is also a way to increase revenue. Now of course I don't think this was done on purpose - but this buggy software caused my problem so I expect them to provide me new keys. If now, Zonelabs lost 4 customers and I will see my lawyer.
Incredible!Anybody else haviong this kind of 'support' and 'protection'

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite