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Thread: ZoneAlarm 7.0 + Wifi

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    crococ Guest

    Default ZoneAlarm 7.0 + Wifi

    Hello all,

    This post could be a replicata on a privious thread, with the same title, but
    that was concerning ZA 6.5 ...

    In that post, it is said the address of a Wifi is not detected automatically
    with ZA 6.5 free Edition, it looks to be with 7.0, right ?

    I find this a noticiable improuvment, at least for a non pro users !

    (I checked it with ipconfig, and it really matches the info displayed in the
    Firewall/Zone area)

    Before actually adding this zone of traffic, I need some confirmation please.
    It is said I need to add only the address, is that right ?

    I have a GigasetSE551 router and a GigasetUSB Adaptor108, just to feed up a
    PC and 1 or 2 extra Notebooks throught Wifi for my local network.

    What should I to do with the firewall : keep it or diseable it ?
    (The manufacturer does not give any advice about it)

    Thanks for any info.

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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm 7.0 + Wifi

    Yes, use the IP of the router and set it as Trusted in the Zones of the Firewall.

    Enable or disable which firewall? The router firewall, the ZA firewall or a built in hardware firewall?

    Best regards.

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    crococ Guest

    Default Re: ZoneAlarm 7.0 + Wifi

    I was somewhat short in describing my problem, sorry !

    I currently have my home located PC protected with free ZA firewall,
    (along with free Avast AV) and I am building up a small Wifi network,
    in order to connect a Notebook (not yet purchased), and my PC; to do so
    I baught a (Siemens)GigasetSE551 router and a GigasetAdapter108 (for my PC)
    and I have installed the provided manufacturer software. (For that, I had
    to diseable the Windows automatic wireless recognition utility).

    Communication (crypted) is now OK between my PC and the router, but not yet with
    the Internet, could be just because I have not added yet the Wifi network address
    in the ZA protected area ?

    By the end of the installation process, I noticed that the manufacturer software
    has a set/diseable button for it's own firewall option. Up to now, I do not know
    what this firewall really is meant to protect me against.

    So my questions are :
    1)- should I keep the firewall on the router ?
    2)- should I install supplementary ZA instance(s) on each of my future
    familly Notebook(s) ?

    On my PC : Win XP + SP2
    Future Notebook might WinXP or Vista

    Thanks very much in advance for any advices.


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    Default Re: ZoneAlarm 7.0 + Wifi

    Yes most definitely keep the SPI/NAT firewall of the gateway router. It is one of the very best inbound protections that can be found (although not perfect, it is excellent).
    Yes it is best to use ZA or other firewalls on the other future machines. If one PC gets infected then the unprotected PC will get infected. So install firewalls on the other machines and keep them secured.

    The encryption could go as far as the router, just to keep snoopers from finding out your transmitted data. Once it gets to the internet, it is possible that it is no longer encoded. SSH is used for the encoded/secure internet connections to the other future machines.

    Best regards.

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