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Thread: Zone Alarm Updater

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    mensan Guest

    Default Zone Alarm Updater

    Judging by the taskbar icon and the Antivirus/Spyware tab, the updater is running.
    It supposedly has been running all morning.
    I don't recall it taking this long on the XP version.
    Can't run a spyware/antivirus scan since the buttons are greyed out during an update.
    Is this programmed totally messed up or is it Vista?
    Vista security center in Vista is saying that no firewalls are on even though the ZA icon is in the taskbar lower right.
    I saw the sticky about something similiar for the XP version.

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    ykeeta Guest

    Default Re: Zone Alarm Updater

    Im running Vista and having the same problem. Seems to say its always just updated or scan just run but it never did. It acts like a virus has compromised ZoneAlarm. Also
    my computer
    locks up during shutdown?
    If anyone has answers??? Please share the wealth.

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