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Thread: Blue Screen in Windows Vista

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    daoist Guest

    Default Blue Screen in Windows Vista

    I have two Vista machines, one a Compaq and one a Vaio. Both machines are using ZA recently purchased and installed. Both machines are also using Acronis.
    The Vaio will boot Windows to the login screen. Once you login you get the desktop and at some point shortly after it will blue screen with a stop error making reference to tcpip.sys. I don't have the exact message. It is my son's college laptop. I had him uninstall ZA and it works fine. Initially the blue screens were intermittant and would occur after he was using the machine for a while. Later it began to occur as soon as he logged in and happened several times in a row.
    We had to boot to safe mode and remove ZA.
    The message was something like driver_irql_not_equal.....
    Has anyone run into this problem with Vista? My other Vista machine is fine.

    Operating System:
    Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:
    7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:
    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    cjmeow Guest

    Default Re: Blue Screen in Windows Vista

    Yes, I see the same sort of behavior.

    Brand new Sony Vaio VGN-CR123E, which runs vista home premium.

    I can't swear (yet) that it's caused by the ZA Suite, but it does appear to be the case.

    Other possibilities in my vista-illiterate mind:
    (1) possibly caused by uninstalling the nasty Norton, which comes preinstalled -- I say that because that's when I first hit the Blue Screen Of Death, after rebooting just after uninstalling Norton.
    (2) possibly related to SpySweeper (also preinstalled) -- I say that because the BSOD tends to appear just after the SpySweeper splash screen disappears.
    The behavior I see:I boot, log in, various splash screens appear/disappear, sometimes I get a few seconds of quality time with my new PC, and then the BSOD appears.
    Curiiously, it doesn't *always* work that way.

    It may [and I say "may" cuz I don't know Vista, maybe this is expected...] be related to the sudden appearance of a 2nd user.
    That is, when I boot up, sometimes I am greeted with a login screen with TWO user icons -- the one that I defined and a 2nd mysterious one that carries the image of the fingerprint-reader.

    But when I use that icon, I end up being logged in as myself, anyhow.

    And the BSOD can appear whichever icon I used.

    The crash
    also seems to be more consistent (immediate?) when that 2nd icon was displayed.
    In any case, this is stupid.
    Somebody's not ready for primetime, and I'm betting it's ZA.
    (Of course, I guess one could argue that it's Sony's fault... if indeed this only occurs on Vaios.)

    Well, tomorrow I'll test it some more;
    I've rolled back the system to before the ZA install & we shall see.

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    cjmeow Guest

    Default Re: Blue Screen in Windows Vista

    FYI, to all who venture here...
    The problem is a conflict between ZA and SpySweeper, on Vista.
    ZA already knows about it, but for some reason has not troubled to tell us.
    See the forum posting here:
    See also SpySweeper's comment here:

    I never thought I'd say this, but... I should've stayed with the pre-installed Norton antivirus!
    Would have been better than wasting a couple days figuring out this problem!!!

    Meanwhile, the issue I had mentioned previously about 2 user logins turns out to be completely unrelated.
    (The "mystery" login icon is generated by the FingerPrint recognition process.
    Seems pretty silly to me, but that's how it works.)

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