I have two Vista machines, one a Compaq and one a Vaio. Both machines are using ZA recently purchased and installed. Both machines are also using Acronis.
The Vaio will boot Windows to the login screen. Once you login you get the desktop and at some point shortly after it will blue screen with a stop error making reference to tcpip.sys. I don't have the exact message. It is my son's college laptop. I had him uninstall ZA and it works fine. Initially the blue screens were intermittant and would occur after he was using the machine for a while. Later it began to occur as soon as he logged in and happened several times in a row.
We had to boot to safe mode and remove ZA.
The message was something like driver_irql_not_equal.....
Has anyone run into this problem with Vista? My other Vista machine is fine.

Operating System:
Windows Vista Home Premium
Software Version:
7.1 (Vista)
Product Name:
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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