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Thread: Clarification for a Newbie

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    bytedisk Guest

    Default Clarification for a Newbie

    Need clarification before I purchase.

    My setup:

    Three desktops connected by cables

    One Roku (network music player) connected by cable

    One desktop I d like to have wireless

    One laptop used on occasion I d like wireless

    Cable comes into cable modem box then to router and out to network

    Considering purchasing:

    ZoneAlarm wireless Z100G router

    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite


    I have six computers available for use; can I use any combination of computers as long as I don t try to connect to internet with more then five at a time? Say I have four cabled computers connected and one wireless desktop but want to get on web with laptop. Can I just sign off one of the computers and then have access to internet with the laptop?

    I have data I want to protect on the three desktops. Other devices have nothing of interest unless hackers want to play some children s games or view pic s of grandchildren. If using Security suite on the three desktops, am I still safe even though I have two other devices in the network without the security suite installed?

    Lastly, Do I pay an annual fee for both the Z100G AND the Security Suite? How much does that equate to?

    Sorry for long post and being so ignorant concerning this matter. And thank you for any assistance you can provide to help me make the right purchase.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:Other ZoneAlarm Product

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    Default Re: Clarification for a Newbie

    I do not use the ZA router, but I am not unfamilair with routers in general. So I have some general advice.

    I just did a quick look at the ZA wireless router. I could not find the exact number of available LAN ports on this router. Most routers will have allowances for dozens of PC to be attached and used at the same time - some will allow for hundreds of PCs to be active all at the same time. But the actual connections are done with switches to compenstae for the lack of LAN ports of the router. But there are many routers with 8 available LAN ports, thus avoiding the need for the extra hardware switches.
    But this is a rule for hardwired PCs and usually the wireless conections are always in addition to the wired port connections (although the combined wireless and wireless connections cannot exceed the manufacture's specification of the total number of connections- usually 32 active connections for the basic routers and over 200 for advanced firewall/NAT devices).
    Yes you should be able to use all of the PCs at the same time for interneting, although the larger number of active PC will often slow down the individual speeds of the connections as all must basically share the same connection to the modem to the internet provider (there is something to be said for the merits of Hi Speed connections when considering large home LANs numerous connections). Any of the PC's will be able to use the internet at any given time at the same time as the others are using the internet connection.
    The NAT of the router in the ZA router is the same as any other. So sharing a connection on a home LAN is not really an issue.

    The security suites will provide extra protection and help stop intrusions/troyans from entering and from viri, troyans, worms, malware from taking over the preferred PCs. Even if the other PCs on the home network (LAN) are not properly secured. But I would definitely install some form of security on the "unprotected" PCs. Even the basic firewall and antivirus suggestions from CastleCops will be of benefit. It is adviseable to have security on the remaining PC because if they ever became infected and became "bots", they will cause damage to the internet and other users. In which case you will held personally responsible for the illegal events to both your internet provider and the legal authorities. Not to mention the loss of performance on these remaining PC by malware infections and the strong possibility of polluting your own home network with troyans, viri, etc and further spreading into the internet and slowing your connections- and make the ZAISS work harder than it should have to!

    There is no annual subscription for the ZA router, but it does have the ZA security which will need annual renewals to update it's subscription. In other words, the hardware does not need udating, but the ZA does. The ZA installed on the desktops will, of course, need annual renewals for updating the ZA versions and the scanner's defintion files.
    Cheers, Oldsod

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    Best regards.

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    bytedisk Guest

    Default Re: Clarification for a Newbie

    WOW, I'm inpressed with your knowledge and appreciate your quick response but I need to break your reply down for the dummy I am concerning these matters.If I understand correctly I can combine LAN and wireless connected computers thru the same router (Z100G)The router
    has 1 port WAN and 4 port LAN plus
    2 USB for printerThe router
    is limited to 5 consective users but I understand your reply to say I can use any configuration of LAN
    and wireless

    I understand the three computers with the Internet Suite will be protected even if the other two conections are not protected. I'm assuming your suggesting
    more then the windows firewall on the unprotected coputers.Lastly there are going to be two yearly charges for this setup. I can't find on ZA web page how much that will be.I apoligze for being such a pest but this is a rather large outlay of cash for me and I want to make sure what I'm buying is going to offer the best protection.
    Found annual fee for Internet Suite but still can't locate annual fee for the router. Any help appreciated.

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    Default Re: Clarification for a Newbie

    Not being well versed in the ZA routers, I found the FAQ for the ZA wireless router. This should answer some of our questions.

    The Technical Support for the wireless router with additional links it is found here

    I now see the total number of PC is safe at five, for the networking capability.

    It was my understanding the router will have (or will have installed by the user) the ZAISS for extra security. I could be wrong about this.

    If you intend to purchase ZAISS for the three PC, the store prices can be determined here for the bundle and here from the Zone labs store for the ZAISS (the three ZAISS package is just 49.5 dollars US).

    Cheers, Oldsod
    Best regards.

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