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Thread: Separate development streams

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    Default Separate development streams

    This may be an old subject.
    Apologies in advance.
    It seems the ZA development is now split into two streams, one for Vista with the 7.1 versions and XP/2000 with 7.0.

    How long is Zonelabs intending to do this twin development for or will the two streams merge together again at some point, say version 8 perhaps?
    Or does the XP/2000 stream have a planned cut-off?

    a one size fits all solution is surely more economical and productive and easier on the customers.
    I have used ZA's products for over 3 years, sure there have been some surprise "features" in some releases but I've been generally very happy with it.
    It's so easy to use and intuitive.

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    Default Re: Separate development streams

    The ZA for the XP and the ZA for the Vista are two different designs. These will never merge or crossover. There are too many issues to do that ways, so they will remain seperate for a long time. However if a user changes Operating Systems, the license for the XP ZA will be honored in the Vista ZA installation.

    The ZA for the Vista wa built from scratch and obviously is not completed, so it will still have further developments.

    I suppose the ZA for the XP will be continued as long as Micorsoft continues to support the XP Operating System. Most vendors drop their support for an Operating System once Microsoft drops it support for the given OS. That seems to be the general trend. I believe Zone Labs sticks strongly to process.
    We seem to be good for years to come for our XP operating systems and using Zone Alarm for protection.

    Cheers. Oldsod

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    Best regards.

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