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Thread: Entries removed from Program Control Return

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    Using ZA Free. I have several entries in my Program Control table that are no longer installed on my PC. Specifically eTrust 7.0 (Innoculate). If I remove them from the table on the next reboot they re-appear. Reasonably sure that no orphaed components still reside on the computer. Is this a normal behavior for ZA to keep entries that shouldn't appear ? Would prefer that I don't have to remove everything and start over, as I've got quite a long list of program entries to deal with.

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    no its not normal and it is an indication that your ZA database may be corrupted.Before resetting the ZA database, try the following:Go to ZA program list, remove the items that are not anymore installed, shutdown ZA... wait a couple of minutes and restart ZA.Are still there? if yes, please reset the database.See here:,Fax

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