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Thread: ZA Security Suite settings messing with my internet browsing?

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    dellman Guest

    Default ZA Security Suite settings messing with my internet browsing?

    I am currently using the free trial version of ZA Security Suite. Ever since I chose the to use the free trial version of the ZA SS with my update I have gotten peculiar road blocks in my browsing. For instance lately when I try to open up a PDF file from a site, I get a plain blank white screen and a message at the very left top corner saying "object is blocked" or something very close that. Also Flash heavy sites don't want to load either. I'm wondering if I have some settings too high if there's such a thing. I did upgrade my Adobe Reader , and I'll check to see if that has helped with downloading PDF files. Thanks for any help.

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: ZA Security Suite settings messing with my internet browsing?

    Dear Dellman:

    The "object is blocked" error is solved by clicking Privacy panel, then Main tab, then the Custom button for the Mobile Code section. Clear the checkbox for the last option, Block mime-type integrated objects. In fact, the only checkbox under Mobile Code section that I have checked is the 2nd one, Block scripts(vbscript, etc.).

    As for the Flash problem, that can be more problematic. Do you have the latest version installed, 9,0,47,0? Next thing to check is what browser you are using and try an alternative browser to see if it is a browser-related problem. Each renders Flash a bit differently, not to mention their webpages. Next thing to try is to add the problematic website to the Site List tab of the Privacy panel and give green checkmarks across all 6 columns to see if your global settings are too restrictive for this site. The Site List settings only affect the specific website. Another thing to try is to click Program Control panel, then Programs tab, locate your browser entry, then change the Trust Level to 3 green bars(Super). I usually have 2 green bars assigned. Also, make sure Access-Trusted and Internet have green checkmarks and that Server-Trusted has a green checkmark.

    Hope this helps.


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    dellman Guest

    Default Re: ZA Free Edition Issues "Object is Blocked" error page again......

    Well, your fix worked when I still had ZA Security Suite. Now , I'm back to to the plain old free version after the trial expired. Now I'm getting the that same plain white page with "object is blocked" error after I try to download updates from certain places. I've tried to get updates for Java and for Spybot S&D and I'm still getting that error message. But now I have no clue what to do as all those advanced options are now gone. BTW, I'm using the latest edition of Firefox 2.

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